Disadvantages Of Government Jobs In India

Government jobs are touted as perhaps the best jobs to take. Employees, who are more often referred to as sarkari naukri however will tell a different story. Aside from then high qualifications placed for such jobs, and the obviously competitive edge that such jobs provide, the government jobs in India construe among the worst employments in life.

Why not to take a government job

Sarkari naukri have a lot of trouble. Normally, such jobs always come with social esteem and respect since they mean that one has enough qualifications from the Indian exam syllabus.

  • The days in sarkari naukri are extremely boring and monotonous. One undertakes the same routine tasks over and over until it becomes mechanical and devoid of any passion. Government workers will even sometimes sit idle without anyone noticing.
  • Most work environments are not encouraging at the least. While it is worthy to have a favorable work environment since one has succeeded to pass all qualifications, such jobs always have frustrating environments.
  • The promotion system in the government is mostly not based on merits. Dependence is mostly on reference rather than qualifications. Connections with influential people are mostly used. This is perhaps the most negative aspect of Indian government jobs.
  • Remuneration for most government jobs is almost peanuts. The perks that come from government jobs cannot at any point be compared to the private sector jobs.
  • Sometimes, one can be transferred to inhospitable areas. Sometimes this might force you to leave your family behind since the area cannot support them at all costs.

However much such jobs might have disadvantages and undoings, they are still worthy to undertake. The latest jobs online forms can be accessed from https://sarkarirsults.info. The India result will mostly apply to jobs that are found and applicable in India. Daily wage jobs which are known as Rojgar jobs can also be applied from the platform on Rojgar result.


Sarkari result delhi website provide a one stop opportunity where one can apply for government jobs in India. However much sarkari naukri has disadvantages, it is still worth a try.