How to file a dental insurance claim? Lets discuss it


Having a dental insurance is one of the most important covers you will ever get in your lifetime. You want to keep smiling minute after minute and that smile can only be maintained if you have yourself a dental insurance cover. Most people are already aware of that, what they are not aware of is how to file a dental insurance claim. Well, in this article, I shall be explaining the major steps that you will need to file out the insurance claim form.

Standard steps

  • The first thing in filing for an insurance claim is presenting a dental claim form. The best dental insurance companies advocate doing this in mainly two instances and the first one is when services have been availed of and secondly, where there is need for pre-authorization prior to receiving the service.
  • You should also present the supporting documents. This goes along with the claim form. This normally covers the itemized bills, the receipts, the ADA procedure codes. More to that, you should also be having wit you a description of the treatment provided alongside the charges for the treatment.
  • In addition to these two important documents, you should be having a copy of the explanation of benefits. This should be attached alongside the documents. Failure to attach this document may lead to a dispute in your claim.
  • Make sure that the dental insurance form is properly signed and with matching dates. Most of the cheap dental insurance companies will be looking for this error with a key interest. Therefore, to be on the safer side, make sure that your documents are properly signed and dated.
  • After you have all the documents ready with you, give them to the dentist who will then submit them to the insurance company either through the mail or through the electronic submission. One more important thing to remember is that the documents should be submitted in a timely manner according to the company’s constitution.

Settling of the claim

After you have submitted your documents, the insurance company is obligated to settle your claims unless there are other issues that need to be investigated. However, with the cheapest dental insurance company, expect things to move on swiftly.


These are the important steps that you need to follow if you want to file a claim with the insurance company. If everything has been set right, then insurance company will have no problem compensating you.